HEE HAW! That’s the official greeting we receive every morning when we go out to feed Gheppetto, Abu and Jafar – our miniature donkeys. We’re pretty sure it’s their way of telling us how happy they are to see us. It could also be they know food is on the way! Old Fliegler's Farm is nestled in the hills of Fallbrook, the avocado capital of the world, about an hour's drive from Orange County, Riverside and downtown San Diego. The farm is full of excitement for groups, scouts, and schools. Take a break from the fast-paced city life and enjoy a relaxing day on the farm!


  • Our Charter School Programs are eight week programs (2 hours per week) where kids learn about organic gardening, sustainable living, animal care and training, solar ovens, hydroponics, adobe bricks, reptiles, and more!

  • All Scout adventures are customized according to your specific Journey or badge. This 3-hour adventure includes a program of your choice, animal interaction and training, a healthy snack and a keepsake craft. Don’t forget to ask about our overnight camping adventure!

  • Summer Day Camps

  • Art on the Farm

  • School Field Trips

  • Workshops such as organic gardening, crafting with gourds, cooking with herbs and flowers, and gaining knowledge of yourself through collage.
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